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Welcome to the magical world of Lost in the 50s American Classic Cars.

Step back in time with us to a better time and place and relive the iconic 50s, and 60s USA, when hot rods, cruising and fun was all that mattered.

If you are looking to buy your first classic car ...check out our cars for sale, or some 50s or 60s memorobillia.  Come for a visit to our magnificent  museum  where  we have 45 classic cars on display inc the Batmobile, hot rods, and the big finned iconic 50 and 60s cruisers.  We also have over 3500 americana memorobilia items on display and for sale.  Just click on the our museum tab for details, or if you want to attend one of our charity car club events, or come on a car club drive, or just want to look and admire our cars , then please , enjoy our webiste and pass it on to your friends.

We are a licenced Motor Dealer MD030786, located in Newcastle N.S.W Australia, and are proud members of the American Icons Auto Club.


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